Ann Bibbey is a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master & Teacher with skills that include Face Reading and Numerology. Ann teaches Reiki I - IV and Reiki Drumming classes, facilitates workshops on various mediums of the metaphysical realm, hosts retreats, and is a motivational speaker.Long before Ann was a gifted healer, she was an integral part of small to medium sized Corporations in California, Utah and Colorado. She was a Manager in charge of sales as well as an owner of private residential care homes for the elderly. She was using her intuitive gifts to match the products and services of the company to the needs of the clients. While working with the elderly she was using her Psychic/Medium gifts which assisted her in “knowing” when clients needed to move onto convalescent care or were ready to pass on to the other side. She would counsel family members through this transition.

A successful Corporate Executive, Ann experienced a huge shift in her life with the passing of her Mother in 2005. Restless, depressed and unfulfilled, she was having migraine headaches, heart burn, back pain, insomnia, panic attacks, and a hypoactive thyroid. At the urging of her sister, she sought out Reiki treatment.

During the course of treatments Ann had an “Aha” moment. She realized her soul’s life purpose was to help others like herself. People in transition suffering from burn out in their own lives.

Through treatments in Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy her ailments rapidly disappeared. Leaving the Corporate world, she was determined to get the education and certification she needed to make a mid career change. To pay for training and her day to day needs over the next few years, she took on Substitute Teaching and Retail Management jobs.

After earning her teaching certification in Reiki and Reiki Drumming, she went on to study Craniosacral Therapy and at the School of Inner Health in Manitou Springs, CO. While working on others in class she began having psychic insights into their lives. This gift became even stronger through a disciplined and diligent daily practice of open eye Meditation, nature walks with her dog and body work.

In 2010 Ann quit her job(s) and took a leap of faith opening a practice in Reiki, and as a Psychic Medium – and most recently has added Face Reading to her inutitive skillset. She hit the ground running, enthusiastically allowing her passion to guide her. Ann’s clients appreciated that she combined all of her modalities while working on them. It is unique to her approach in the Healing Arts.Today, along with seeing clients Ann teaches certification courses in Reiki 1-4, as well as Workshops on various topics in the Metaphysical realm such as Meditation, Techniques to Develop Psychic Abilities, Face Reading, Feng Shui, and Vision Boards. She also facilitates retreats.

A motivational speaker, you can find Ann at special events, conferences, retreats, seminars and workshops, assisting people on how to heal from the inside out. She helps people move toward their life’s passion and purpose so that they can live a more authentic life. Multifaceted in her practice, her skills have benefited clientele and organizations both large and small.