Intuitive Business Consulting

It is not uncommon for professionals and businesses to find themselves feeling unsure or lost during times of growth and transition, and in need of guidance.  This happens for many different reasons whether it’s major decisions such as a move or expansion, or simpler tasks such as hiring and firing.   

As a former corporate executive and business owner, Ann found herself drawn to use her intuitive gifts in such a way that would connect clients with products and services, and help individuals make the correct decisions when faced with change.  Ann would often use her natural intuitive instincts to match the needs of her clients.  In addition, during a time when she was an owner of a private residential care home for the elderly, she would often use her abilities as a psychic medium to assist residents and their families when it was time to move to a convalescent home or pass to the other side.

Today Ann has embraced this passion, along with her sharpened skillset of intuitive gifts such as her abilities as a Psychic Medium, Face Reading, Numerology, and even Astrology, and she works innovatively and intuitively with businesses and organizations, large and small, as a consultant.  Ann has also traveled to some of these venues to do on-site groups sessions and motivational speaking.

To learn more about Ann's Intuitive Business Consulting services and for rates, contact her here.