Aura Clearing and Cord Cutting Session


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A clearing of the aura and cutting cords will provide a feeling of wholeness, peace, clarity, a higher vibration, fewer spinning thoughts and will bring your true self back into your body with more ease and flow in your life.

During our busy everyday lives, we most often are not aware of our energy field and what it looks like or what’s in it. We can have holes in the energy surrounding our body, the energy field that goes out six feet and further.  We can also have other energies that do not belong to us nor do they belong in this field. These energies can come from other people or other  realms.  Or there is no boundary between our energy field and other individuals.

We also have many energetic cords that are attached to other people, either from the past or the present time. These cords are not healthy and along with interferences in the aura can cause confusion, anxiety, fear. irrational thoughts, emotions that are not ours or we are operating at a lower vibration than usual, and reactions, pain or discomfort that doesn’t belong to us.

This session is 60 minutes long and can be done in person or over the phone.