Distant Healing and Clearing Sessions

30 minute sessions are done virtually via phone (or Zoom upon request) while 60+ minute sessions can also be done in-person or virtual.

Ann's gifts allow her to see, hear, feel and sense the energy around a client from a distance. Time and space are no barrier. She is able to take her awareness to the client no matter where they are located.

Whatever the client's intention is, the energy around that issue will light up in their energy field and Ann has the ability to work with that. Through intuition, Reiki and Shamanic healing techniques, Ann is able to clear foreign energies that do not belong to the client or that are interfering with their health and well being, as well as their ability to move forward and experience happiness, joy and liberation. This includes thought forms, emotional traumas, PTSD, phobias, as well as old patterns and beliefs that are lodged in the body.

After clearing these energies and interferences it leaves more room for the client to feel safe in their body and in the world. Ann then balances and replenishes the client's energy field to assist with integration for the healing process to take place. The energy shifts, the client is more present and feels a sense of clarity, self-confidence, self-awareness and an overall feeling of peace and calmness.

30 minute sessions are done over the phone (or Zoom upon request). Sessions are a choice of 30 or 60 minutes. You may also combine an hour session with 30 minutes of Clearing and a 30 minute Intuitive Reading.