Ann Bibbey works innovatively and intuitively with businesses and organizations, large and small, as an intuitive consultant. It is not uncommon for professionals and businesses in need of guidance during transition and growth, whether due to major decisions such as a move or expansion, or simpler tasks such as hiring and firing. 

Ann utilizes her sharpened skillset of gifts such as Face Reading and her abilities as a Psychic Medium. Ann also travels to venues to do on-site groups sessions and motivational speaking.


Ann Bibbey uses her intuitive gifts to help individuals across the globe by offering guidance to find clarity and insight during times of transition.  Whether it's a Psychic Reading you're seeking, a complete Healing Session, or a custom Face Reading, Ann can accommodate your needs. 

Ann is sought after to perform distant sessions from people worldwide.  Time and space are no barrier. She can take her awareness to the client no matter where they are located.


Ann Bibbey offers various interactive workshops combining various metaphysical mediums, tools and techniques to assist in enhancing your own gifts.  She is also a Reiki Master and Teacher, and regularly offers Reiki classes across the country.  To see her upcoming events, visit her calendar here.

If you are interested in having Ann host a workshop or class in your area, contact her for more information.  


Ann is an Intuitive Business Consultant specializing in working with business teams or helping people in transition, who need personal guidance or are suffering from burn-out. She helps them find clarity and insight and assists them in recognizing their path and purpose.

She was previously a Corporate Executive for 20 years, with a background in sales and operations and would use her natural intuitive instincts to match products and services to the needs of her clients. She was also an award winning recruiter. In addition, she was the owner and licensee of a private residential care home for the elderly. There, she was the liaison between Social Services, the Ombudsman and the families, overseeing each patient’s individual care.

Ann has a degree in Telecommunications from the University of Northern Colorado. She is also certified by the Lotus Institute, Inc., as a Master Face Reader and Golden Path Coach. She has also been certified in Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki. She has a private practice in Fort Collins, Colorado and works with businesses and around the globe via virtual consultations and meetings.

Ann Bibbey