Intuitive Business Consulting

Ann Bibbey is a highly sought after Professional Intuitive Business Consultant.  She specializes in working with experts and individuals in various fields. 

Ann regularly works with executives in the medical field to help with hiring and team building. Using her intuitive skills such as Face Reading and Numerology, she has successfully matched employers with employees to create an environment that thrives, grows, and succeeds. On a softer side, it’s not uncommon for business owners to find themselves drawn to Ann during times of growth and transition when they are in need of guidance in the face of uncertainty or change.

As a former corporate executive and business owner, Ann found herself drawn to use her intuitive gifts in such a way that would connect clients with products and services, and help individuals make the correct decisions when faced with unpredictability.  Since leaving the corporate world and beginning her own business as an Intuitive Healer nearly a decade ago, Ann has become passionate about combining her areas of expertise to help those looking for and needing guidance in the business world that cannot be found elsewhere.   

Ann works with businesses large and small, offering one time and monthly packages for her Intuitive Business Consulting services.  She also accommodates businesses who wish to learn how to use intuition in their own workplace with workshops, as well motivational speaking, and one-on-one and group mentoring.  More information and rates can be found on her Rates page here