Ann's Reiki trainings are such great tools for learning about energy and healing, and generally for raising your overall vibrational level and frequencies. Ann is a great facilitator and her phenomenal psychic and intuitive abilities are extremely helpful to assist in the learning process.

Greg Vogel

My first encounter with Ann was completely by chance and I am so thankful that our paths crossed. Since meeting Ann, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow in so many ways. Pre-Ann, I was struggling with many aspects of my life and not listening to what the Universe was trying to tell me and not clear with my intentions. My energy was scattered, I was analyzing my past and not looking forward, and I was in a major downward spiral. Thanks to Ann's healing touch, guidance, and support she has helped me find my voice and my direction. Through her Reiki and intuition, she has guided me to let go of the past while learning from it, given me insight to the future, and most importantly taught me how to just "be" and be clear with my intentions. Her Reiki classes have given me the tools to not only help myself, but share the wonderful world of Reiki with others. I'm honored to call Ann my mentor and colleague.

Keri Imhof

Ann has definitely been a spiritual teacher in my life and got me out of my head and into trusting my own intuition. With each Reiki class, my intuitive awareness and sensitivity was enhanced and applied to my therapy practice and to self-healing. She was my Reiki teacher 1-4, plus Reiki drumming, which have been invaluable tools for my individual healing sessions, incorporating into yoga classes and doing group healing work. I am eternally grateful for her guidance and friendship.

Somer Nicole

What a gift Ann has been in my life! Her gentle touch through Reiki and Reiki drumming, and Psychic readings have helped me to stay centered and balanced physically, mentally and spiritually. Ann continues to help me release fear, helps me to relax my nervous system and feel calm. I always leave a session with a deep feeling of peace. For anyone experiencing stress, anxiety old emotional patterns or perhaps just feeling lost or stuck, I highly recommend a session with Ann. She is professional, caring and extremely intuitive!

Kathy Kenney

"Ann is amazingly accurate in her visions. There were many small details that she would casually mention which I had tucked away but didn't believe that they would happen and I ultimately forgot. As each event unfolded and these details came about, I remembered what Ann had said. She is this absolutely amazing person who is not only kind, but generous in her love for her clients. She has touched my life beyond belief and I will be forever grateful to her."

Naomi Miller

I have always been, and continue to be, a healthy skeptic. This is why I am quite surprised to hear myself frequently say, "Ann Bibbey is the real deal." Two of the services which she provides and I have seen her for I find to be remarkable and I recommend them fully : Psychic readings and Reiki.

If you tell Ann only the most minimal of information on an issue, she will offer clear, detailed and accurate background and then illuminate paths for you which she gathers through her keen psychic skills and intuition.

Her pure Reiki is silent, gentle and powerful! Within the silence of Reiki, she creates the very best environment for your own healing to occur.

Serene Calkins

Thank you so much for your guidance, your care and your healing, Ann. I truly adore you!

Katie Wallace

Two years ago, I started my healing journey; little did I know who or what would cross my path. When I met Ann, there was an instant connection. Ann has provided me with the tools to take ownership of my healing journey by using her intuitive gifts and gentle touch to guide me. As a Reiki student, Ann has empowered me to explore my gifts that I didn't know about and find alternative ways to heal my own body. I am truly grateful for all that Ann has done for me and continue to look forward to our journey together!

Sara Colorosa

Ann Bibbey has helped me find my voice and believe in myself. Through her healing work and loving support, I have learned to listen and trust my intuition. You can’t imagine how a life blossoms once it is connected to its truth. I have never been more sure of who I am and why I am here on this planet. I am boundless in the way I work, the way I love my friends and family, and most importantly, the way I love myself. Ann gives you practical tools to move yourself up and out of old patterns and stories that no longer serve you. Ann helped me see the light inside of me, making it possible for me to create a life without limits.

Jeannie Davis

Before my session with Ann, not really knowing what to expect, I was both nervous and excited. Ann immediately put me at ease with her gentle spirit and I soon felt as if I had just gained a new friend. She was able to bring out in the open things that have been weighing heavily on my mind. Things that I wanted to bury but knew that I needed to address in order to work through them. What a wonderfully beautiful gift Ann has been blessed with and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed. My only regret is that I don’t live closer.

Diane Ferree

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of the readings I’ve had with you. I was struggling with letting go of a past relationship and also a previous employer. Good news - you said that a new job was coming and it was with a big company. Well, it showed up and I was offered a position and I am very happy! Also, I let go of my previous relationship and have a new love interest. Again, thank you so very much for your gentle guidance and love.

Valerie Woitt

Ann Bibbey soothes the soul. She has insight into your mental and physical health that is extraordinary. Everyone can benefit from Ann’s ability to help you help yourself to experience the richness and joy in daily life experiences and help to smooth out the rough times in one’s life. She is a healing gift!

Cindy Kay

Where to begin? Ann has given me a whole new perspective on life. She has taught me to believe in myself and healed so much tension in my body that I can finally let go of the past, looking forward to the future. Ann, you are truly unique and I will forever be grateful for the work that you do!

Christy Chadwick

Ann has helped me through big shifts in my life by offering clarity, reassurance and trust. Her energy work is stronger than anyone I’ve ever met and her hands are like laser beams that provide relief. I recommend Ann to anyone that is in need of some guidance, if they are going through a big transition in their life and when they need some help clearing old emotional patterns.

Somer Nicole

Ann is a priceless gift, both personally and professionally. As a business owner, it is hard to know if you’re making the best decisions. Hiring, marketing, moving…you just never really know. You move forward and hope that it’s the right choice. Ann has been a great help in clearing the clutter and the “noise” around me to see clearly what I need to do. I don’t think that my business growth would have been as easy and definitely not as smooth as it has been without Ann’s insight and gifts. Ann also lets me know when my personal “stuff” is getting in the way of business growth; again making it clear as to what I need to work on and work through in order to feel confident in the choices I’m making.

Sarah Hodapp

Ann is an amazing woman and healer! As her colleague and client I have experienced her intuitive gifts in body, mind, and spirit. She holds a safe and loving space and allows me to “be” and see who I am, offering insights that are spot on and soul enhancing! I feel extremely blessed to have her in my life and have seen how she exudes a radiance of love that touches all she connects with. Ann is a gifted and spirited soul who I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience!

Bethany Hrbek