Ann Bibbey uses intuitive gifts to help individuals across the globe by offering guidance to find clarity and insight during times of transition.  Whether it's a Intuitive Reading you're seeking, a complete Healing Session, or custom Face Reading, Ann can accommodate your needs. All 30 minute sessions are done virtually via phone (or Zoom upon request). 60+ minute sessions can be done in-person in addition to virtually.

Ann will use her skills and abilities to offer you more clarity with your:

• Purpose
• Grief
• Personal Growth
• Career Challenges
• Relationships


Ann Bibbey works innovatively and intuitively with businesses and organizations, large and small, as an Intuitive Business Consultant.  It is not uncommon for professionals and businesses in need of guidance during transition and growth, whether due to major decisions such as a move or expansion, or simpler tasks such as hiring and firing.  Using her sharpened intuitive skillset which includes Face Reading and Numerology, Ann can help in many different business areas. 

Ann will use her skills and abilities to offer you more clarity with your:

• Mission Statements
• Business Analysis
• Hiring/Personnel Issues
• Product Decisions
• Productivity Concerns
• Team Building

Business Consulting can be purchased in packages or hourly.


Meditations are led by Ann and have a main theme - they are tools to help to stay grounded, in balance, to heal, to trust, to love ourselves and take care of ourselves during these emotionally turbulent times. 


Ann Bibbey works works with clients to develop themselves through classes, workshops and one-and-one mentoring.  Ann's abilities to help others grow in their own intuitive skillset is something many have utilized as they reach for their own goals.

Ann will use her skills and abilities to offer effective mentoring for:

• Executives
• Leaders
• Healers

Please contact Ann to discuss cost of mentoring.