Golden Path Face Reading Session



Are you on your path, changing your path or changing things on your path? If you have questions around any of these, then a Golden Path Face Reading may be for you!  Many people are in a transition during these times. It can be of a spiritual nature, emotional healing, health, a career change or more than one of the above.  It is during these changes that we seek clarity about our patterns, any blocks or interferences keeping us from that flow of moving forward, or what needs to be released or shifted in order to make these changes.

In a Face Reading, by analyzing the features and markings on the face, Ann is able to assess your past patterns and experiences, future potential, personality traits as well as evaluate health problems from signs and colors on the face and give recommendations for your overall health and well-being. A Face Reading helps people understand who they truly are and will activate their spirit or Shen which can be very transformational in nature and give clarity to the very essence of who they are.

Face Readings can be done in person or via Zoom. If done on Zoom, Ann would need three photographs by email or mail. One facing front not smiling, one facing front smiling and one side view with the ear showing – left ear for men and right ear for women.  Golden Path Readings include the use of Ann’s psychic abilities.

The Golden Path is a Daoist metaphor for living your life according to your true nature. It is the personal quest to find and uncover the real you. This is a path of spiritual alchemy where you refine yourself and your life experiences into the purest form of you so that you can do what you were meant to do in order to give back to the world in a unique way. It is the behavioral manifestation of turning the human experience – seen as lead into the essence of gold. Being on your Golden Path is about much more than a having a career, a hobby, being famous or making money. It is about living your “Dao”. The word Tao is usually translated as meaning a path, but the earliest pictogram showed “A Face, Running on a Road.” The face refers to the Daoist concept of returning to your original face, which involves reclaiming your true talents, abilities and innocent personality held in the “Jing” or inherited constitution. Allowing these talents and abilities to reemerge activates your potential, what the Taoists call “P’u,” which leads to the ability to act upon it in a virtuous way, “Te.” The Golden Path is a journey of self discovery that leads you to your “Ming” – your destiny or fate. However, your Ming is not completely predetermined or preordained. You have the ability to choose opportunities within the boundaries of your existence and based on the surroundings and circumstances of your life. The ultimate goal of a Golden Path is the fulfillment that comes from returning to your sacred and intrinsic self and choosing to be filled with the divine spirit of “Ling” as you live your life your way and give the world: the true you!

The origin of these teachings comes from Master Face Reader Lillian Bridges and her Mother’s Chinese family, primarily her Grandmother.