Ann Bibbey works innovatively and intuitively with businesses and organizations, large and small, as an intuitive consultant. It is not uncommon for professionals and businesses in need of guidance during transition and growth, whether due to major decisions such as a move or expansion, or simpler tasks such as hiring and firing. 

Ann utilizes her sharpened skillset of gifts such as Face Reading and her abilities as a Psychic Medium. Ann also travels to venues to do on-site groups sessions and motivational speaking.


Ann Bibbey uses her intuitive gifts to help individuals across the globe by offering guidance to find clarity and insight during times of transition.  Whether it's a Psychic Reading you're seeking, a complete Healing Session, or a custom Face Reading, Ann can accommodate your needs. 

Ann is sought after to perform distant sessions from people worldwide.  Time and space are no barrier. She can take her awareness to the client no matter where they are located.


Ann Bibbey is a Reiki Master and Teacher.  She teaches Reiki I and II classes, as well as Reiki III (Master) and Reiki IV (Master-Teacher). In addition she offers various interactive workshops combining various metaphysical mediums, tools and techniques to assist in enhancing your own gifts..  

Reiki is easy to learn. You must be attuned by a Reiki Master/Teacher and, once attuned, you will have Reiki for the remainder of your life, no matter how frequently or infrequently you use it.


Ann Bibbey offers detailed Astrological reports.  This thorough report fully describes you and the way you relate to the world in all areas of your life: day to day activities, relationships, career, resources, personality, home and environment, goals, your destiny and many other details. This report will help you understand how you operate in the world and where you are inclined to go in all of the above areas.  It is the most accurate modality there is.

These reports are excellent for people of all ages, and can even be given as gifts or done for children.


After the passing of her mother in 2005, Ann felt called to pursue her life's passion of helping others using her intuitive gifts. Over the next few years, Ann became certified in Reiki, Reiki Drumming, Craniosacral Therapy, and Face Reading.  While working on others in classes, she began having psychic insights into their lives. This gift became even stronger through a disciplined and diligent daily practice of open eye meditation, nature walks with her dog, and body work.

In 2010 Ann opened her practice in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She quickly became a highly sought after intuitive healer both in her local community, as well as across the globe via virtual sessions, workshops, and one-on-one meetings.  Ann strives to help people and businesses who are in transition find clarity and insight.  She does a great deal of coaching with her clients; assisting them to recognize their path and purpose, whether it be personal healing or using her intuitive business coaching skills to guide and advise those seeking direction in the professional arena.  Ann’s clients appreciate that she can combine all her modalities while working with them. It is unique to her approach in the healing arts.

As a motivational speaker, you can find Ann at special events, conferences, retreats, seminars, and workshops, assisting people on how to heal from the inside out. Multifaceted in her practice, her skills have benefited clientele and organizations both large and small.


Ann Bibbey