Psychic Medium Readings

30 minute readings are done virtually via phone, Zoom or Skype while 60 minute readings can also be done in-person.

Ann is often asked how she receives her information when giving a Psychic Reading. By tuning into a person’s energy field/aura, Ann can see visions (clairvoyance). Intuitively, she hears messages that are not audible to others (clairaudience) and empathically feels or senses things that are going on in a person’s life (clairsentient).

She is also a medium, which means she can connect spiritually with loved ones who have passed over to the other side and retrieve messages or information from them. Conducting sessions as a Psychic Medium, Ann encourages clients to ask questions. She then tunes into the client’s energy field and through her unique gifts can see, hear and sense information for them.

Ann communes with her Spirit Guides and Angels during a session.  There are times when specific answers are not given. When that happens it’s because a lesson is involved for the client to learn. Ann does a tremendous amount of guiding for clients through life’s spiritual lessons and growth. We all have free will to make our own choices. Ann’s gifts allow her to often see and feel a person’s challenges and lessons that are down the road. She is then able to guide and coach them on how to make any necessary changes or decisions that can assist them in creating a smooth shift and help them come from a place that is for their higher good and the higher good of all parties involved. The gifts that Ann has help her tune into the energy around these choices so she can help clients make decisions for their higher good, including their physical and spiritual well-being.

All psychic sessions are done virtually via phone, Zoom or Skype.  Although more than one person can attend a psychic session, the cost is per person.

Sessions must be pre-paid.  Discounts are available if three sessions are purchased at once.  Discount package must be paid in full and must be used within four months.  If you change or cancel an appointment please give a 24 hour notice.