Overcome Feelings of Inadequacy : Ann Bibbey BlogIt’s easy to dwell on feelings of inadequacy in your life. You look at others who seem to have done it all right and are now leading the “perfect” life. Yet you feel you have made so many mistakes and done so many things wrong. You look at where you are today and yearn to change your regrets, knowing you never can. These are normal feelings, especially during times of change or conflict within yourself and your life. Remember, there is no “right” in life, so don’t let these feelings overshadow everything you have done that has made you into who you are today.

1. We are all different

Your life’s path is far different than your neighbors, or your friend’s, or your co-worker’s. But the path you have chosen to define you only makes you stronger. It’s important to realize the paths others have chosen may not have been the path you would have chose, even knowing what you know now. Looking at pretty pictures of loving families, or hearing stories about successful careers, or watching a happy couple after you have just lost a spouse can make you feel inadequate and even resentful, but it’s important to remember that so many parts of other’s lives do not fit into your mold. You are different. And your differences define YOU and THEM. Embrace these differences, for they are a part who you are today.

2. Cherish what you have

It’s easy for people to tell you to do this, but much harder when you face regret. Your road, no matter how rocky it may be, has given you gifts you often overlook. Don’t ever overlook these gifts or feel inadequate for how they came about. Pause and reflect; feel these gifts. They belong to you and you are fortunate they are yours, for had you chosen a different path, you may not have them today.

3. Embrace the moment

The past may have brought many sorrows, but today is once in a lifetime. And the future is still an unknown. Always know that no matter what regrets you have haunting you today from your past, you will always hold today and tomorrow in your hands. Be grateful for your life, for your laughter, for today. When your feelings shift towards the “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s” of your past, guide your mind back to the now – and feel it. Be thankful for today – for today will not be here tomorrow.

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