Avoidance Is Never The Answer - Ann Bibbey BlogThere is no doubt that we have all (at some point) experienced emotional trauma, pain or loss. Many of us have had our hearts broken wide open. These are opportunities that have been handed to us to change, heal and do things differently. I am not talking about when we “bulldoze” through these times and never deal with them. If we go this route we will never grow through pain. We will continue with the same defunct inner programs and unhealed parts, and continue attracting and experiencing the same pain, angst, and disappointments in life.

If we really own and look at these opportunities we realize there is no other option other than to deal with our disowned parts and heal because we are not going to be able to get back on our feet and create a great and meaningful life unless we do. And no “other person” or the “next relationship” will do this for us. We ourselves must do the work. This is a wonderful thing! Because when the fear of staying the same becomes greater than the fear of changing we are in the perfect position to take responsibility, be with our pain, heal our inner programs and unfinished childhood business, and transform into the individual and life we really want to be.

If we avoid doing this, we don’t have this opportunity. We are not being true to ourselves and will live a false existence. And without fail, life will inevitably deliver more of the same (in different ways) painful unhealed programs as disappointing and painful experiences. It’s the cycle of attraction. We receive what we put out there and it’s something that can perpetuate throughout an entire lifetime if we don’t change it.

It’s time to shift our perception as it’s the only way to feel complete freedom and begin a journey of authentic happiness, peace and joy!

Ann Bibbey offers unique guidance as an Intuitive Healer and Teacher. Using a combination of Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, and her abilities as a Psychic Medium, Ann works with many individuals who are struggling through life’s changes. To book a session in Ann’s Fort Collins office or to inquire about a workshop call (970) 672-8810 or email [email protected]