Teaching Reiki in California

I recently traveled to California to teach Reiki Level I and II classes to a small group at Evolve PT & Yoga Studio in Encinitas, California. What an amazing experience!

Teaching Reiki In California : Ann Bibbey Blog
It was not only fun but a wonderful learning experience for me. This was a very open, highly intuitive group. They were very energetic and extremely enthusiastic the entire weekend. They participated in a way that was very profound. They interjected frequently asking really good questions and were very “present” in our group discussions.

Teaching Reiki in California : Ann Bibbey Blog

What set this class apart from my other classes I’ve taught in the past, is that I taught Reiki Level I then Reiki Level II the very next day, which I have never done before. There was a highly noticable difference in the students from day one to day two. They shifted in a HUGE way from Level I to Level II. They came to class that second day calm, balanced, focused and all knowing in their work as Reiki Practitioners on the tables. I was extremely impressed with the their comments, their healing abilities, and their feedback in class with one another. They worked on me at the end of the second day and were spot on in their intuitive abilities with me and what was going on in my body.

I was also able to attune Somer (of Evolve PT & Yoga) to Teacher Class when I arrived allowing her to assist me. She did a remarkable job of holding safe space alongside of me for these folks to really shift and move forward in such an amazing way! The experience was so positive on every level and I look forward to teaching these folks Reiki Level III this summer along with Reiki Drumming.

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