The Joy and Pain of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth - Ann Bibbey BlogWe often spend many years staying caught up in old thoughts & patterns of belief, with old tapes and stories running through us. We take these on as a part of us and “accept” them…even hold on to them because we know them, they are familiar. Even if they do not serve us on any level, we believe that they belong to us and that they are “ours.” We will actually long for them even when we’ve cleared them. The stories we tell ourselves and the inner dialogue we engage in is endless.

Shifting & changing this is not an easy journey and can be extremely painful. We must become intensely honest with ourselves and yearn for the life we know deep in our soul we deserve and must change things in order to be there. Often times we will take two steps forward and 10 back in the process. But for every struggle, every set-back we discover who we are on a deeper level and must be grateful for these struggles as they are opportunities & experiences that lead us to who we really are and who we want to be, NOT who we were told we are.

Challenges serve us in being the greatest version of ourselves. It is actually the biggest set-backs, the hardest struggles that are the exact experiences that force us to be greater than we’ve ever been before! The beauty is that when we reach the other side of these shifts in life, knowing we had hope & faith and asked for help along the way it gets easier. We are able to surrender and be in a place of peace & realize we can trust in the master plan & “allow” ourselves to listen to our inner guidance and discover why we are here.

There is nothing more beautiful than the transformation that occurs when we “let go”, do the inner work and show the world the very essence of who we are…our authentic self!

Ann Bibbey offers unique guidance as an Intuitive Healer and Teacher. Using a combination of Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, and her abilities as a Psychic Medium, Ann works with many individuals who are struggling through life’s changes. To book a session in Ann’s Fort Collins office or to inquire about a workshop call (970) 672-8810 or email [email protected]